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PREMIERE: 📱 Connect With Like-Minded Digital Nomads Here In Bansko – With The New Nomadnet App (For Android And iOS)!


✅ Like-Minded Nomads Around You – with similar values
✅ New Friends – with similar interests
✅ Joint-Venture Partners – with complementary skills
✅ Exchange Ideas & Knowhow – with other successful nomads
✅ 100% Free – there is nothing to sell

Don't leave it to chance to meet the people you might match.

Come join the Nomadnet community of Bansko now:
Android: https://socialspot.io/bansko-nn-android
iOS: https://socialspot.io/bansko-nn-iOS

After traveling for 6 years as a nomad with his family, Liam felt the need to connect with like-minded people. 

Last year he decided to build this app to find other nomads around him.

After being fully dedicated to it for the last 6 months, he wants to present it as a premiere to our community here in Bansko and asked me to support him. 

Let's give it a try. Are you in?

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